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About Us

Our Mission

Our ethos is simple: to enrich our customers homes with unique & inspiring artwork, using environmentally friendly practices. Working with a combination of emerging talent and established artists, we strive to offer a wide selection of high quality artwork with unbeatable quality and longevity.

Our Approach

Our curation is a hand selected range of works from renown and emerging artists, inspired by interior design and minimal aesthetics. Our work with up & coming artists provides a platform of opportunity to expand & grow their reach; and remains central to the success of our continuously evolving collection.
Our designers use their expertise to restore and optimise vintage artworks for print, without compromising the integrity of the original artwork. Our collection is then printed using state of the art Giclée methods with archival inks and museum grade paper, enhancing living spaces with high quality wall art.

Our Story

Founded in the UK by a team of artists and designers, Miljo was born of a shared passion for all aspects of design and creativity. A vehicle for expression, a window into the imagination and a core component of our everyday lives; art is arguably one of the most important tools of interior design. We envisaged a collection that was not only unique and thoughtfully curated, but that also simplified the process of purchasing wall art, whilst considering environmental impact at every stage of production. ‘Miljo’ translating to ‘environment’ in Swedish, pays homage to our Scandinavian design influences and references both our home environment and the natural world.

Our Philosophy

Customer experience shapes all decisions made at Miljo, continuing to inform every aspect of our business. Our philosophy remains that if our customers are happy and love our products, we in turn will enjoy growth and success as a business.
We also believe that art should be enjoyed in the home without compromising on values. Our business model is built on environmentally friendly standards, allowing us to create artwork with a minimal
environmental impact. Our made to order model enables us to uphold a zero-landfill policy, and we will only print onto FSC certified paper to ensure our footprint is sustainable. Our recycled, eco friendly
packaging materials ensure artwork is delivered both safely and consciously; whilst a percentage of our monthly revenue is donated to charitable deforestation organisations.